Toxic plants and household products


Food and beverages

Household substances

Amaryllis bulb Alcoholic beverages Alcohol (ethanol, methanol, isopropyl)
Anthuriaum Almonds Household cleansers and disinfectants
Autumn crocus (Colchicum Autumnale) Apricot Lead
Azalea (entire rhododendron family) Avocado (leaves, seeds, stem, skin) (fatal to birds) Bleach
Begonia Caffeine Acetone
Bird of Paradise Cherry Antifreeze
Bittersweet Chocolate Drain Cleaners
Bleeding heart Fig (Ficus) Insecticides
Boxwood Garlic Wood preservatives and shellac
Bracken fern Oleander Rodent poison
Buckeye Onions Mercury
Buttercup (Ranunculus) Peaches Laundry supplies
Caladium Potato (leaves & stem) Cigarettes and other nicotine products and smoke
Calla lily Rhubarb leaves fabric softeners
Castor bean Tomatoes (leaves & stem) Suntan lotion
Chinese sacred or heavenly bamboo Crayons
Chrysanthemum (a natural source of pyrethrins) Cosmetics
Choke cherry, unripe berries Rust
Clematis Fumes are dangerous to birds: smoke-filled air, insecticide spray, deodorizers, spray cleaners, fumes from fresh paint, gas, and heated Teflon (very deadly).
Crocus bulb
Croton (Codiaeum sp.)
Delphinium, larkspur, monkshood
Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia)
Elderberry, unripe berries
English ivy (All Hedera species of ivy)
Four-o'clocks (Mirabilis)
Foxglove (Digitalis)
Hyacinth bulbs
Holly berries
Iris corms
Jimson weed
Lily (bulbs of most species)
Lupine species
Marijuana or hemp (Cannabis)
Mistletoe berries
Morning glory
Mountain laurel
Narcissus, daffodil (Narcissus)
Pencil cactus/plant (Euphorbia sp.)
Rosary Pea (Arbus sp.) (can be fatal if chewed)
Scheffelera (umbrella plant)
Shamrock (Oxalis sp.)
Spurge (Euphorbia sp.)
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