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Quite often I run across strange situations where people are not well informed about pet care and medicine. There is a great deal of confusion regarding various sources of "expertise" and pet care advice.  Many people seek medical advice from neighbors, relatives, pet stores, grooming technicians, and increasingly, the internet; sources that may be helpful on occasion, but are largely unqualified and confusing.


Some people lack information and knowledge about the difference between veterinarians and other pet related services. We get phone calls about pets for sale, grooming, boarding and even human care. The confusion is worsened by market trends which offer mixed services. Some pet stores, for example, offer vaccinations and some limited veterinary care; grooming establishments may offer pets for adoption and some minor care such as ear cleaning, teeth brushing and anal sac treatment. Last but not least, there are veterinarians who offer grooming, boarding and pet retail products.


Veterinarians are doctors of veterinary medicine. Not pet resellers, groomers or physicians. They have extensive education in virtually all animal science disciplines, comparative multi-species medicine, and public health and agriculture. For pet owners, veterinarians are doctors who care for the health of the pet, offer advice about pet husbandry and preventative medicine and serve as ultimate points of references to many reliable sources.


Veterinary medicine today is very advanced. We have specialists in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, surgery and many more medical areas. Pets have access to sophisticated diagnosis (like ultrasounds, CAT scans, MRI etc.) and treatment such as cancer therapy, microscopic surgery, physical and hydrotherapy and much more. Research is constantly being conducted around the world with the results applied in the field, helping more and more animals each and every day.


So, the next time you have any question about animal care, call your veterinarian. After all, he/she is the top expert in animal science and can help you with any animal problem you might have.

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