Skin Infections

Skin problems are very common among our pets. Some breeds such as cocker spaniels are prone to have chronic skin disorders.

In many cases the underlying cause is not clear and the condition is called idiopathic seborrhoic dermatitis. The skin presents scaling, crusts and rancid odor. Secondary bacterial infection may complicate the primary skin inflammation and lead to serious consequences.

There are of course many other skin conditions. Nutritional deficiencies, immune mediated diseases and systemic problems are some examples.

External parasites such as mites and fleas are common causes of skin reactions and can induce allergic reactions and facilitate bacterial infections. These conditions cause intense itch and discomfort.

Any skin problem should be seen by a veterinarian promptly. Skin problems are diagnosed based on physical examination, skin samplings and microscopic evaluation, special dermatologic exams and blood tests of various types.

Treatment for skin disorders is aimed at treating the underlying cause or disease. External parasite control, dietary and nutritional management and immune system modulation are some examples. Bacterial infections are treated with appropriate antibiotics and adjuvant therapy such as special shampoo treatment, anti-itch medication and more.

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