How do I chose a pet suitable for me? 


I want a pet! 

Having a pet is an enhancement of life, a joy, a friend, a learning experience and a lot of work, responsibilities, money and headaches. Before you jump in the water you have to consider the reality of pet care, the responsibility and the commitment you are assuming.  

What are the choices? 

Different species make different pets. They require various amounts of care, time, money, space and knowledge. Some pets become an active part of your daily life and others have a low level of interaction. They are all fascinating and interesting to have. Here are some of the options to consider:


This is truly men’s best friend. He loves you unconditionally all the time… any time… he will die for you… and he needs you. Dogs are very intelligent and they make excellent companions. They participate in your daily family life and will physically follow you anywhere. This high level of social interaction creates a special bond, almost Human... that can fill your life with content.

Dogs require a lot of time and work. They all need daily care of  at least two hours (Feeding, two walks, cleanup and more). Depending on the size and breed they may need more or less space, outdoors exercise, financial investment grooming and training. If you work long hours, travel a lot and live in a small budget apartment, a dog might not be your best choice. 


Cats are smart… they won’t die for you. They want love and love when they want it. They do however make excellent companions and interact well socially. Often when you are home they will stay with you or on you... Cats are independent creatures and are not as care demanding as dogs. They require less space, time, money and training. Consider spending thirty to sixty minutes a day and if you have to go for a day, you may do so (just leave water, food and a clean litter box). You may consider having more then one cat, not a bad idea...


Ferrets make great pets. They are social and playful during most of their lives. You will not have one boring moment. They are inexpensive and require reasonable maintenance. Ferrets usually are not very affectionate but they tolerate handling well and will follow you in the house. They have a life span of six to ten years and are a good choice for people with limited space and time. Ferrets do well in groups and get along with dogs and cats.


There are many rabbit breeds which vary in size and aspect. They make good pets and develop a special personal relationship with people. They can be trained to use litter boxes and are fairly economic to keep. Rabbits are quiet and do not need large space, but they produce somewhat  large amounts of droppings and require diligent daily cleaning. Rabbits can live over ten years.

Small Mammal

In this group we include hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils and similar small mammals. They are fairly easy to keep and develop personal relationship with their owner. It is fun and interesting to watch these busy and cute creatures. Most small mammals are inexpensive and very economic to maintain. They usually live between two to five years.


Birds are a world of its own. They are great, gorges and fascinating companions, but require considerable knowledge and are not easy to keep healthy. Prices range from $10 to over $1500, however the daily maintenance is reasonable. They are highly recommended pets and despite occasional noisy bird, they make many owners happy. Some parrots can live about one hundred years, so they really are lifetime companions.


Reptiles turn owners into herpetologists or drop-outs. There are numerous species that have very specific needs. They require considerable knowledge and are difficult to maintain healthy. Some, like Iguanas, develop special rapport with individual people and require intensive daily care, others, like some snakes are not as social and do not require much of a daily care. Prices vary considerably, but the daily maintenance is reasonable. Many reptiles have very long life span and stay with you forever...


Amphibians are in a similar category of reptiles. They are fascinating creatures that demand knowledge of each species and are not easy to keep healthy. They are usually inexpensive to acquire and maintain and are not labor intensive.


Fish are attractive to watch and fun to raise. Most of them are inexpensive and they require moderate level of care. Certain amount of knowledge is necessary to keep them alive. They add beauty to daily life and are very popular. They turn many people into serious hobbyists.


Invertebrates are a group of aliens which includes scorpions, centipedes, praying mantises, spiders etc. They are not as popular and attractive, although very interesting to study. They have low social interaction and are more suitable to hobbyists.

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