Regurgitation and Vomiting in Exotic animals

Vomiting and regurgitation are not rare in exotic pets and may indicate illness. 

In birds, regurgitation can be a normal process with physiologic functionality. Many birds regurgitate semi-processed or non-processed food when feeding their young. Male Budgerigars regurgitate as part of sexual display and courtship. Other birds may regurgitate from excitement, fear or traveling.  Regurgitation may result from medical problems such as crop stasis (immobility) or other dysfunction, foreign bodies, tumors, certain parasites, bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Oral antibiotics, and lead or zinc intoxication, may also result in regurgitation and vomiting. 

Liver, kidney, pancreatic and reproductive diseases may also cause regurgitation and vomiting. Enlarged thyroid gland in Budgerigars is also associated with vomiting and regurgitation. 

Ferrets may vomit due to bacterial, fungal and viral infection as well as gastro-intestinal parasites and tumors. Young ferrets frequently swallow foreign bodies that lodge in the digestive tract and may cause vomiting. 

Rabbits and rodents vomit rarely, and when they do, it is usually because of a very serious problem. 

In reptiles vomiting is fairly common and often related to inadequate ambient temperature or to stress.  Oversized meals can easily cause indigestion and vomiting. Bacterial infections, parasites and systemic illnesses also cause vomiting. Other causes include deformities, tumors foreign bodies or other mechanical obstruction.

Because so many things can cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, any vomiting pet should be examined by the veterinarian. Diagnostic tests may include blood tests, cultures, fecal examination, x-rays and surgical exploration.

In addition to the specific treatment, vomiting pets often are dehydrated and need supportive care, including fluid treatment, antibiotics, and symptomatic medications.

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