Holiday Pet Health Hazards- Halloween


The holiday season is a time of excitement and joy. This special period warrants some words of caution as our beloved pets may be exposed to ”holiday hazards”. Young pets are at higher risk due to their inquisitive nature.

Halloween is at the door and our dogs might like participating in the feast and share the trick or treat candy with us. A box of chocolate can be delicious in the mouth but toxic to the body.  Dogs are most commonly affected because they tend to consume large amounts rapidly. Depending on the amount ingested, chocolate poisoning signs may appear within one to four hours and include vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drinking and urination, disorientation, excitement, hyperactivity, rapid breathing, seizures, weakness, coma and death. The toxicity of chocolate depends on the amount and type of chocolate ingested: One-quarter ounce of baking chocolate or 2 ounces of milk chocolate per kilogram of body weight is a potential lethal dosage in dogs.

If you know or suspect that your pet ingested large amounts of chocolate, call the veterinarian or the emergency veterinary clinic immediately. Chocolate poisoning is a serious emergency and treatment should not be delayed.

Decorative lights and other electric devices are another serious hazard. For some reason some pets find electric cords attractive and irresistible for them to chew on. Electric cord injury may occur from defective cords as well as from pets biting into cords. Both indoor and outdoor lights should be carefully examined to ensure safety for you and your household pets. All pets including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and ferrets are at risk.

Electric shock can cause burns, local swelling, difficulty breathing, abnormal heart rhythm, shock, loss of consciousness, and death. Delayed lung damage may occur, so every incident is an immediate emergency.

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